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Players and Agents

  • A vital tool for client acquisition for agents. You'll know who's underrated and overrated. Who's trending, who's not. Who's prospect hype is backed by performance, and who's isn't.

  • Organizational layout allows players to be evaluate their own performance within the organization and set goals fir themselves going forward.

  • Players can visualize their organization's positional redundancy. If they're blocked at a position and take initiative on becoming versatile in pursuit of reaching the MLB.

Fantasy Baseball

  • Use the color-coded MLB radar to compare long-term performance with current performance.

  • Visualize where holes open up so that you can be the first to pick up a player in your league.

  • Evaluate up-and-coming prospects to estimate who will be sleepers, keepers, or busts.

Professional Organizations

  • Utilize the 'Round Drafted' and 'School' information to evaluate a player's pedigree. Pedigree provides historical context and hints at a player's potential ceiling/floor.

  • Compare your organization with others within the division/league. Great tool to visualize potential winning windows.

  • Identify players that are either underrated or overrated that may be used as pieces in trades.


  • The unique horizontal layout allows you to envision future versions of your team.

  • Observe how your team's top prospects are performing in one cohesive view.

  • You'll know more about your entire organization, not just the team at the Major League level. Be an educated, devoted fan!

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